Getting to Know: Jalon Jones

Jan 1, 2019 | 0 comments

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Florida’s quarterback signee for the 2019 class was established back in April, when four-star Jalon Jones‍ verbally committed to the program and never wavered on his pledge. The Richmond, Virginia native was originally committed to Mississippi State, but flipped his pledge to the Gators after Dan Mullen did the same.

Jones always has wonderful things to say about the school, whether it’s the top 10 academic ranking, top 10 football ranking, or even just chopping it up with the staff and players. The dual threat wielded offers from Alabama and Ohio State to name a few, but says the relationship he has with Florida is something special. When he moves in later this week as an early enrollee, he says he’s ready to compete and get more acclimated to the school. But, there’s much more to Jalon Jones than just football, as you’ll find out on this edition of Getting to Know.

You’ve been committed to the Gators for a pretty long time… what kept you strong on that pledge?
“Shoot this a while ago now. All of my visits were really good, I loved the environment and the coaches gave me good vibes. A lot of the reason was the way I hit it off with [Quarterbacks] Coach [Brian] Johnson. He’s great and I always looked up to him growing up because of he’s very established. I know I can learn a whole lot from not only him, but also Mullen and everyone else. I just knew Florida was the best place for me to go.”

About that… Mullen has sent three quarterbacks to the NFL, so there’s a chance you’ll get there too. Which NFL player do you see the most of yourself in?
“I see myself mostly as an Aaron Rodgers type. He’s very dynamic with his arms and legs. I used to mostly rely on the run in high school, but I’m using my arm a lot more.”

That being said, what do you think you can bring to the team as a freshman?
“The ability to compete. I’m a strong competitor. Any team I’m on is going to get 110% out of me in everything I do and I think the main way to do that is to start leading young. As a freshman I obviously won’t have as much pull so i can’t go around trying to call shots, so I’m just going to go work very hard and match the energy that’s already on this team.”

Good way of looking at it! Now as for numbers, which jersey would you take if you had your pick?
“Well, I would wear 4. It’s the number I’ve always had and I wear it for my sister, who plays basketball at UNC. 4 is her number too. But, with Kadarius [Toney] on the offense and David Reese on the defense both wearing 4, I’ll probably change it when I get there. That’s okay though, because I think a player makes a number instead of the other way around.”



Yeah, that might be a tricky one! So, you’re moving in on Friday… which roommate did you end up picking?
“I’m going to be rooming with [defensive back signee] Jaydon Hill. He’s a hard worker and I can really see him pushing me to be a better player and competitor. He’s so passionate about the game and he is also super competitive like me so I can see us just pushing each other to be better players and all of that.”

It sounds like you guys are already getting along! This question is a little more out there, so I hope you’ve thought about it but if you get drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft, what would your first purchase be?
“I think I would buy cars for my parents. I would get my mom something fast like a Mercedes and I’d get my dad a Range Rover.”

Awww. Really hooking them up there. As for your life, what are three things on your bucket list?
“The first thing on my bucket list is to provide a great lifestyle for my family, the second is to make it to the NFL, and the third is for my kids to be born healthy.”

All good things, for sure! Now, if you could take any girl on a date, who would it be? 
“Honestly, I would take my mom. I guess I would take a girl like Beyoncé or something but my mom is my best friend and I know we’d have a great time. Just doing something stupid and laughing about it or just chilling and watching a movie, having the best time.”

What a nice answer! What are your favorite movies and music?
“I really like old music… 90s stuff and R&B. I listen to rap sometimes, but I mostly like old music. As for movies, Marvel. My dad and I always watch Marvel movies together.”



Interesting! If you could spend the day with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?
“I’d spend the day with Will Smith. He seems like a great guy and he has a great story. I also think he would introduce me to his famous friends and then I could be friends with Will Smith and his friends… so yeah.”

If you could tell Gator Nation one surprising thing about you, what would it be?
“Football is just my side job… I’m really a swimmer.”

Hey, the pool is a 2-minute walk from the stadium! Last question… what are you going to do your last week before enrolling early?
“I’m just going to church for the New Year but after that I’m just going to spend time with my friends and family until I get to campus on Friday.”

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