Getting to Know: William Harrod

Dec 30, 2018 | 0 comments

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Now that Florida right tackle Jawaan Taylor is officially off to the NFL Draft, the Gators will be down four starters on the offensive line heading into 2019. However, Dan Mullen and staff signed a whopping seven players along the line during the early signing period… one being William Harrod‍ from Maryland’s National Christian Academy.

Harrod, a four-star prospect and top 30 offensive tackle, verbally committed to the Gators back in September over programs such as Michigan, Ohio State, and most of the SEC. After Florida’s 10-win season, plus a rout over Michigan in the Peach Bowl, Harrod could not be happier with his decision, as you’ll get to see in this edition of Getting to Know.

What really solidified your decision to come to Florida? 
“I felt very comfortable when I visited. I love what Coach Mullen has already brought to the program and I want to see what else he will bring to the program, and how I can fit into it. I definitely see myself fitting into it.”

Awesome! Plenty of Gators make it to the NFL, you know. So, which NFL player do you see the most of yourself in?
“I probably see the most of myself in [Washington Redskins OT] Trent Williams. I really like his game. He’s fast and aggressive, which are things I think about myself, and he also has a little bit of swag on the field.”

I’m excited to see how you bring your own swag to Gainesville! That being said, what do you think you can add to the team as a freshman?
“Really, I just want to prove something to myself and Coach Mullen. I want to keep the offensive line going exactly where it left off [despite losing four starters], while I continue to grow and push myself every day.”

That’s a great mentality to have. Now, this is a little more about you. What number do want to wear?
“I might change it, but probably 55 or 65. I like those numbers and I think they look cool on the offensive line.”

As for moving in, which of the early enrollees do you think will be your roommate?
“I honestly have no idea, but I hope he’s cool. I don’t really know anyone from the class yet.”

Now, I have some questions for you that aren’t as much about football. First one being, if you get drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft, what would your first purchase be?
“I would get my mom a car because of what she’s done for me my whole life. She’s my number one supporter and I can’t really pay her back for what she’s done for me, but I would get her a car to try.”

What kind of car would you get her?
“Probably something practical, like a KIA or something. She doesn’t really like fancy cars or anything too flashy, so probably a car like that.”

What are three things on your bucket list?
“The first thing would probably be to live in Los Angeles at some point, the second would be to make an All-American team at some point during my college career, and the third would be to live a happy life.”



All good things, for sure! Now, if you could take any girl on a date, who would it be?
“I would probably take Zendaya on a date. Most guys just look at the body, but Zendaya, she’s got a good looking face too.”

She is really pretty. What are your favorite movies and music?
“I really like action movies, like Transformers, and superhero movies. As for music, I really like NBA Youngboy.”

If you could tell Gator Nation one surprising thing about you, what would it be?
“I really like to watch anime.”

That’s super interesting! Last question… what are you going to do your last week before enrolling early?
“I’m just going to spend time with friends and family before I head down there.”

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