Getting to Know: Mohamoud Diabate

Dec 27, 2018 | 0 comments

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Gator football added many defensive pieces to the 2019 puzzle during the Early Signing Period, one being Auburn (Ala.) four-star Mohamoud Diabate‍. He is choosing to enroll early after verbally committing to the program in August. He never wavered on his pledge and sent in his Letter of Intent on the first day of the Early Signing Period.

Florida fended off in-state options Alabama and Auburn for Diabate’s signature, but the Auburn native could not be happier to become a Florida Gator, as you’ll see in this edition of Getting to Know.

Let’s start with an easy one. Why did you choose to sign to Florida?
“I chose Florida because it seemed like a good match for me as a person and it’s also a very diverse university, which I like. It has a good balance of football and education… actually probably the best balance in the SEC.”

All good things to know. Which NFL player do you liken yourself to the most?
“I would say that the player whose game I most try to model my own game after is [Denver Broncos Linebacker] Von Miller. He’s very fast and flexible, which are two things that I pride myself on as well.”

That being said, what do you think you can add to the Gators football team as a freshman?
“I work really hard so I would say that, but I know when I get [to Gainesville], I can be a really good pass rusher and three-down player.”

(OG aside: Diabate was a linebacker in high school and is listed as a linebacker signee by the services, but he practiced as a stand-up rush defensive end during Florida’s Friday Night Lights Camp and it looks like the staff will decide which position will fit Diabate best this spring).



If you could pick any jersey number, what would it be? 
“I would pick 11 because that’s the number I’ve had since I was a kid. So if I can get 11, I’ll pick 11, but that’s only if I can.”

(OG aside: Junior linebacker Vosean Joseph currently wears #11 for the Florida Gators).

Kind of going off of that, who are you looking to room with once you get on campus in January? 
“Hmm… probably [DE signee] Lloyd [Summerall III] and [LB signee] Jesiah [Pierre] because they play my positions and I think it would be best to get to know them better out of the guys who are enrolling early.”

Thanks! So now, I’ve got some more fun questions for you. Staying with football, if you were to get drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft, what would your first purchase be and why? 
“I would get a really expensive steak from a really nice restaurant. I’m always eating so it makes sense that my first purchase would be food, but a steak from a really expensive restaurant that I wouldn’t have been able to afford before would probably be my first purchase.”

That’s a really interesting answer… I’ve never heard that before. Beyond that, what would three things on your bucket list be? 
“I haven’t really thought about this, so I’m just going to say skydiving, deep-sea diving, and visit Antarctica. People don’t really go to Antarctica so I think it would be really cool to say I did it.”

Antarctica is definitely a cool one! So, if you could go on a date with any girl, who would it be? 
“Let me think about this… hold on. Probably [model] Karreuche [Tran] or [model] Sommer Ray… I’d probably go with Sommer Ray though. She looks really good.”

She definitely looks good. If you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be? 
“Anyone? If it’s anyone, I’m going to go with [boxer] Muhammad Ali. He’s my role model.”

Good answer. What are your favorite movies and music? 
“Movies, I would say The Dark Knight or Deadpool. Music, I just like basic rap. My favorite artist is Gunna.”

If you could tell Gator Nation anything about you that they’d be surprised to hear, what would it be? 
“I know how to ride a unicycle.”

Are you bringing your unicycle to Gainesville? 
“No, probably not… well, maybe I might.” 

I’d bring it if it was me, but ok last question. What are you planning on doing before you officially enroll in college? 
“I have the All-American Game coming up next week, so just getting ready for that and spending the last few weeks with my family.”

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