You would have to try hard to find reasons not to pull for Napier


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      Mark Wheeler
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      He’s just a humble, likeable person.

      You have to really try hard to find excuses in order to pull for someone like this to not be successful.

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      From the Swamp
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      I see 5 reasons not like him on his win lost record.

      He’s a coach. He gets paid to win games. Who cares about the rest of it?

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        ITG Subscriber

        Thank you.

        I’d rather have a dick who wins games over a nice guy finishing last.

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      From the Swamp
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      We should all form a circle hold hands and sing kumbaya.

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        ITG Subscriber

        If that will help us win games let me know when we’re singing!

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      ITG Subscriber

      I’m with you Mark. I’m so glad we have a coach who is a sincerely good dude. It makes you proud to rout for them. I really hope it pays off in the long run.

      I think it will when the SEC money kicks in and we say good bye to the ‘super’ senior era.

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      ITG Subscriber

      You clearly underestimate the idiocy of our fanbase.

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      Steve L
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      Romeg8r–Your post could not be more true.

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