You know we could be grooming Napier for Alabama

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        Paul Finebaum thinks that if he wins at Florida Napier could be one of the top candidates for Alabama when Saban retires.

        I want him to win and take us to championships but what if he does and that makes him more attractive to Alabama?

        Finebaum thinks if Cristobal wins he could be looked at by them too.

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          Dear God we can dig up crap to fear.

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            Finebaum is a Vol. He needs to worry about his hillbillies program. He just trolls the rest of the SEC except for Bama. For some reason he’s just fascinated by Saban and Bama. I guess when your own school ain’t that great, you might as well be a front runner.

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              Alabama is always going to target a winner and throw a boatload of money at them. UF just needs to focus on making itself as attractive a job as bama. Some of that will be on the coach to recreate our brand that hasn’t been up to our standards by way of poor coaching hires. If Billy can recreate the excitement at UF there is no reason for him to leave.

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                Gators will force Sabin’s retirement and Napier will get a raise at Florida.

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                  Agreed! From what I’ve read, UF is the job that CBN has wanted for years. Was advised by Saban to wait it out until the timing was right. Well, here we are. Saban has already said that CBN was the right hire for UF and that he’ll accomplish great things here. You just can’t dispute the goat so I’ll trust his judgement. He does know what he’s talking about. We just have to give CBN time to follow his rebuilding process.

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                    Paul Finebaum thinks that if he wins at Florida Napier could be one of the top candidates for Alabama when Saban retires.

                    Yeah, I had a similar thought.
                    I don’t think the Alabama job is more attractive that Florida simply because of the proximity of the two schools to the best HS athletes – UF having the advantage.
                    Once the football facility is completed at UF, the Gators should be up to par with Alabama in that regard.
                    So I would guess that Napier would rather stay at UF than go to Alabama.
                    My thought was this:
                    1. The reality is that currently, the UF football program needs huge rebuild (we all have Urban Meyer to thank for that).
                    2. The rebuild will take some time and it would be unrealistic to expect SEC championships any time soon.
                    3. There are vocal elements of the Gator fan base with unrealistic expectations that could create a toxic atmosphere should there not be any SEC championships in two years.
                    4. Saban retires about the time the knuckleheads get too loud and Napier is the choice to replace him.

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