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      Clemson was 11-3 this year and had the #48 offense. Dabo fired their OC today to hire TCU’s OC that won the award as the best college assistant coach.

      We go 6-7 and keep our DC who had like the #100 defense and probably gave him a raise.

      That’s the difference between teams that want to win and teams that are just happy to be around.

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      Clemson has won 3 nattys under dabo and this was year 1 for this staff. I’m frustrated with the defense and some coaching decisions but not entirely fair to compare.

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      The USF head coach that almost beat us before he was fired is going there as an analyst.

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        The way Napier and Scott talked about each other I was hoping that if he got fired he would come here as the offensive coordinator.

        How do they get to add him as a anyalyst that doesn’t count against the coaching staff assistants.

        That is almost unfair.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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