Why can’t we recruit transfer quarterbacks

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      The biggest hole in our recruiting is not being able to recruit quarterbacks especially the transfer quarterbacks.

      We get stuck with players like Mertz and Miller while the other top quarterbacks are going everywhere else.

      Is anybody asking these quarterbacks after they commit somewhere else why they didn’t pick us?

      I’d like to know what we’re lacking.

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        If it all comes down to money from now on we might as well all just watch the NFL.

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      Maybe the perception is that we run more than we pass hurts us.

      If you are going to transfer to a team to try to help you get to the NFL are you going to transfer to a team that doesn’t throw the ball all over the place?

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      Mertz was a highly ranked HS quarterback stuck in a horrible passing offense. Pass protection was awful. In spite of that his QB stats were better than Richardson’s. I trust our staff evaluated his worth before the offer.

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        Like they did with Miller?

        Our QB room is terrible. Probably as bad as it’s been since we had the transfer starting from I think Purdue.

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