Why are players leaving when there’s games left?

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      I could see why Cox and Black are gone because they were kicked off the team.

      Okay that makes sense. They aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do so you don’t want them around the other players.

      Why are the other players leaving when there’s still games to be played?

      You can hear in the interview that Napier doesn’t like it. Why are they leaving now instead of staying for these last two games?

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      You are right about this.

      We only have 2 TE now because Elksnis and McDowell are leaving.

      They probably could play in the last 2 games. Why not stay and see what happens since they can’t really transfer until after the season.

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      That’s just where we are now in college football until they start to get some of the NIL and transfer rules more in check.

      Yesterday Napier himself said he didn’t like it, but the rules are the rules.

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      Don’t forget who recruited these players. Mullen was given a choice to finish coaching the year out with his team and decided to leave last year.

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      I’m not playing enough. I’m taking my ball and going home.

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