Which recruits are coming in for spring practice

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      I see the post with the recruits that are coming in today.

      Is there a list of who all is coming in for spring practice?

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      Mark Wheeler
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      I thought Napier said on Early Signing Day that there were 20.

      I have confirmed 11 so far.

      Jordan Castell
      Kelby Collins
      Sharif Denson
      Kamran James
      Ja’Keem Jackson
      Andy Jean
      Roderick Kearney
      Aidan Mizell
      Jaden Robinson
      Bryce Thornton
      Treyaun Webb

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      Wish Rashada could be here for spring practice.

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      I wish Rashada could be here anytime this season.

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      It’s good that Kearney is in here early. If he can get some experience in the spring he could help us next year.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Offensive linemen Harris and Lovett are in as well.

      TJ Searcy has enrolled.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Will Norman was posting from up north earlier this week, but posted from Gainesville today.

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      Any player that’s going to be here is here already.


      The only one that could be added is Rashada

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        If they aren’t here by now they probably aren’t coming for spring football.

        The Drop-Add date was 10 days ago.

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          I think we would wait for as long as it takes for that five star online man.

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      Is there a final list?

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      The one we needed the most is Wilson and he isn’t here.

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        Wilson, Jackson, Collins, Kearney are all important.

        3 of the 4 are here.

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