Where is the 3 star Billy crowd at now?

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      Where did the fans go that were complaining about 3 star Billy?

      I said then that I wasn’t thrilled with what we had but I was willing to wait before throwing in the towel with him.

      What do we have like five or six four stars commit in a row?

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      If you are talking about me I’m right here.

      We did get some good recruits the last 2 weeks but I’m not going to pretend like we are recruiting like we did back under Meyer or Muschamp.

      Our best committed recruit from Florida is Webb ranked #33.

      LSU got Brown today and he is in the top 10.

      Going from the first day he got here until all of these new commits and 3 star Billy still has more 3 stars than 4 stars.

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      Quit the negativity. Billy has 16 4 stars committed between this year and last year. Per 247. This not including transfer, which would widen the gap:

      Kamari Wilson
      Shemar James
      Chris McClellan
      Trevor Etienne
      Devin Moore
      Jamari Lyons
      Tony Livingston
      Eugene Wilson
      Treyaun Webb
      TJ Searcy
      Isaiah Nixon
      Shariff Denson
      Gavin Hill
      Aaron Gators
      Knijeah Harris
      Marcus Stokes
      …Baby whitt will probably get a bump to 4 star

      3 stars

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      Best to ignore this guy. He’d complain about crootin no matter who we get to commit. Some people are just miserable with life, in general. Best place for a guy like this is on a couch, telling his problems to a psychiatrist.

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      I’ll take your advice. I just hate negative rhetoric without facts

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      Why don’t you make everyone’s day and join up with an LSWho board. It would be kind of you to take your constant negativeness over to them as you are a “Fun Monster!”

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      I agree wholeheartedly with you GT27!

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      The are probably just waiting in the weeds for another 3 star to commit. Will not even give Coach one pat on the back for bringing on 3 in a row 4 star players.

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      This isn’t me complaining but when we get a top five class I’ll start celebrating on here.

      Until then besides Searcy who have we got we haven’t been expecting to commit to us?

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      Ah contraire DMD. Get a top 5? Me thinks you are mildly complainimg.

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      It might not be totally fair to call him 3 star Billy but I’m not going to act like he is killing it either.

      We are ranked 20th in recruiting.

      That isn’t up to our standard. We could have kept Mullen and been in the same place if not better.

      Tell me I’m wrong?

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      Why does it have to be everything is amazing or everything is horrible? Defensive side of the ball looks to be a pretty good class. Offensively we missed on our top targets at qb, rb (Baxter and young in our back yard we’re considered gator leans early), wide receiver we missed on our top targets but will but together an above average class there and offensive line we’ve missed almost every top target. Need to hope for some fired coaches or last minute flips there. The class is coming together but pretending we’re crushing it on the trail just isn’t true…YET.

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      Watch a lot of sports shows and read even more information. The consensus is that we’re doing fine, especially with NIL and timing as it was going to change recruiting. UF is following the rules laid forth by the state of Florida. Not all states have rules in place; therefore, not all programs are following any NIL protocol. Bottom line is that CBN ask for patience and time. Most of the fan base expects an instant miracle and wants it now. If you’re that supportive of Mullen, move to Georgia and watch him run the offense at the private school he will be coaching. As far as UF is concerned, the dude was totally checked out and didn’t want to be here. He walked away wealthy and did the program no favors. Fans like you haven’t even taken into account the Mullen recruits that didn’t even make it to campus for whatever reason, but you keep drinking the Mullen KoolAid if that makes you feel better.

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      I support coach Napier 110% and I think he has us on the right track but doing fine isn’t the goal. We are okay in recruiting but being ranked in the 20s is nothing to brag about or helping us catch up with Alabama, Georgia or LSU.

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