When will Miller be healthy

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      Isn’t Jack Miller supposed to be out for just a month or something?

      If you add his time from camp to the first 2 weeks of the year shouldn’t he be back soon?

      I don’t think he should start over Richardson. But with Richardson is in a bad streak they can let Miller go in for a series just to let him watch and calm down a little to take some of the pressure off of him.

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      Pretty sure Miller would have gotten at least a series yesterday if healthy.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Napier said today that he is progressing, but not ready. He gave no timeline for his return.

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      Go Gators TJ
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      Miller couldn’t beat out Richardson when he was healthy and practicing every day. Why would anyone think he is better now that he has been pit a month?

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      Everybody loves the back up.

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