What would you think if this is our class

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      This is off twitter from a recruiting reporter.

      I don’t think we can flip Hall but the rest could happen.

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      I like it. I think these are all good players. My feeling is that this staff will do a better job of targeting the right kids. I think we will have fewer duds and more dudes than with previous staffs.

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      It would be ok but not the bump class I expected. We missed on most top targets but a solid class.

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      My best guess and that’s all it is: about 5 of those players on the list will commit elsewhere. and that is based solely on various sites trending them to other schools.
      Napier is behind the 8 ball having had no previous relationships with many of these recruits.He desperately needs to nail down an 8-4 or better yet a 9-3 season to bring the attention of recruits to UF. Admittedly he’s done a remarkable job of getting top recruits on campus but there is no familiarity with him on their part. I’m confident recruiting will improve dramatically but this will not be a blockbuster class.

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      If we finish with this class I would be ecstatic, anyone expecting anything better for our first year coach is unreasonable.

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      If my math is correct, this proposed class is 90% blue chip ratio.
      Currently Alabama’s roster is #1 at 89%, Georgia is 77% and Florida is 60%.
      If Florida signs a class close to this one, it will go a long way to start to catch up to the top teams in the SEC.

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      Would do cartwheels!

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      You can save your energy. We aren’t getting that class.

      The coaches are going to need to fund some new offensive linemen or hope like hell they can get some from the portal.

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