What is Florida’s 2023 regular season record?


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      Mark Wheeler
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      As we can now look ahead to next season, what in your opinion is Florida’s 12-game regular season record? State your reasoning below.

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      6-6 again if our defense improves.

      4 or 5 wins if it doesn’t.

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      The two early polls out there show that 6 of the teams we play next year are ranked.

      We’ll be lucky to go 6-6.

      It’s probably going to be another losing season.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      My Twitter poll:

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        Half of our fans think that 7-5 is our ceiling.

        That’s going to start impacting our home crowds and we need to keep and build on the showings we had last year.

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      I’ve predicted the last six year our record would be 8-4, but next season the best I can see UF being is 5-7.

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      From the Swamp
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      6-6 if we stay healthy and a couple of things break our way.

      Napier has not built a good roster.

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      Steve L
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      It’s a waste of time to even make a “guess” now. Way too many unknowns.

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      Losses to UGA, LSU, FSU, Ark, and Tenn.

      7-5 if it turns out that way Napier will actually begin to feel some heat from boosters. I am actually usually positive but I am beginning to wonder about this large support staff for recruiting he has brought in. We’ll see.

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      Fun & Gun
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      I say 5-7 until I see what the line looks like in the spring.

      I don’t see us doing much on offense with Mertz and 4 of 5 starters gone.

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      I think we improve. The rebuilt OL, DL, and LB should be better. Despite public opinion, I think Mertz will prove to be a better QB than mental case Richardson. Last season Napier’s freshmen proved to be a productive group. I think that will prove true for the 23 class as well.

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      I’m torn between 7-5 and 8-4. I’m going to be optimistic and say 8-4.

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      I agree with the 42%

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        That would be great. I’m more about 7-5 but I hope I’m off.

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