What do you think of Napier as a coach?

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      gator rising
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      Coach Napier had a great offseason and he is a whipping our football program into shape is is getting us up there again in recruiting but all of that was in the off season.

      What do you think about him as a coach these first 3 games?

      I don’t feel like he has outcoached any of the other coaches in the first three games.

      We got that intercpetoin to win the first game but our coaches didn’t do anything to stop Utah.

      We got the missed field goal tonight but USF did what they wanted to do against us and they messed up the snap. Our coaches didn’t do anything to make them miss.

      Napier is a offensive coach but our offense sucks.

      What do you think of him as a coach on game day?

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      The lack of adjustments are glaringly bad.

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      Still too early to tell. Mullen left him very short on depth and without a single playmaker in the passing game.

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      Then he should have tried to keep Copeland.

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      Gatlin Gator
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      Keeping Copeland might have helped us this year but hurt us overall because he is a bad influence on the rookies we brought in. We didn’t need that part of Mullen’s team to spill over to the new staff and players.

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      I hate when people say Mullen didn’t leave Napier anything playmaker wise when he recruited 3 playmakers at WR who Napier decided not to keep in the class. Thanks to transfer portal Copeland left as well. I don’t think I completely blame Mullen for “not leaving any playmakers”. We knew we’d be solid at RB even before the addition of Johnson and Etienne, we knew our WR wasn’t the best but I don’t think they are bad. A lot of the time those guys are open, AR can’t complete passes necessary to get them the ball that’s not on Mullen.

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      It will take time but I’m hoping to see some adjustments to best utilize our receivers and qb. Hopefully he makes those adjustments sooner than later but overall I think he is going a great job. Our run game looks elite

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      SMH it’s obvious some of our fanbase either just don’t like Napier or just plain football retarded. Those players that transferred were the ones whom did not want to buy in too change. And Copeland was no secret a bad attitude guy. If you cannot see the difference with the overall effort of the players and atmosphere your blind. They are lacking quality depth on the two and three deep at places. It;s going to take high quality transfers and a couple of solid classes to get to a certain level. Now do i think Napier needs some work him self most defentely. But not surprising he is taking over a high major program so he has alot of learning to do also. I feel he will get it right. First order of business for him figuring out the QB position and play calling duties.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      His offense took a step, or a copule of steps forward today, but his game management took a couple of steps back.

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      I’ll be 70 in a few months so I’ve seen a lot of Gator HBCs. He’s young and still learning but I’m happy with what I see so far. He will improve on game management (going for 2) and will grow more conservative with age but I was actually encouraged by his going for it on 4th down and especially was encouraged by his Fire in getting the unsportsmanlike penalty for screaming at the referee’s because I was worried he didn’t have it in him. I’m not saying he’s Saban or Kirby yet and may never be, but their first year at Bama and Georgia didn’t go as planned either. Give him time; we can’t continually be firing HBCs.

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      Yelp this fanbase needs to learn patience for once and give this guy a serious chance to turn it around and build his program to his liken. We cannot continue to have an revolving door of coaches you will never have stability doing it that way. If a guy is just plain bad we will know it. But so far with this little sample i think we have finally got that guy again. Nebraska fans now are regretting letting Pelini go.

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      You have to like that he admitted after the game that he could have done something’s better.

      I didn’t like that he tried to justify going for 2.

      His explanation didn’t make sense.

      He said if they made it and got it down to 9 it would have been a one possession game.

      How are you scoring 9 points in 1 possession?

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      I’ve tried the “contact us” route but get nowhere. So I’m going to just post this in a thread.
      Tried to open the “featured story” about the 15 players and yet again I get a message saying that content is only available to members even though I am signed in. Can anything be done?

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      Steve L
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      The same happened to me on the first try but finally got it to to open

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