What do you need to see Sat to make you feel better heading to TN

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      Mark Wheeler
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        What do you need to see from the team, a specific position or player on Saturday against USF to make you feel better about the Gators as UF heads to Tennessee next weekend?

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          A better called offensive game plan for AR and the RB’s . Going to need to see if Billy can adapt to his lack of passing skills .

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            QB play must be 10 fold better. Sustained drives so our defense does not get worn down

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              I’m going with what 50 said.

              No individual performance should matter that much because it’s against USF. Doing it against them doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to do it against teams like Tennessee.

              Richardson had his best game against them last year and what did that prove?

              I want to see some improvement from our play callers on offense.

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                Some semblance of a vertical passing game. Right now our offense consists of runs, screen passes and once in a while a twelve yard pass across the middle. Good defenses are just going to being their safeties up, shut all that down and date us ti beat them over the top.

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                  Receivers getting separation and AR utilizing some touch throws. A few deep balls to worry Tennessee and keep them honest defensively would be nice.

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