We’re waiting around for Florida to become Florida again

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      That’s what Chuck Oliver just said on his radio show.

      We’re all waiting but when is it going to happen.

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      I would argue that this is Florida. Over our history we’ve had some good times and more down years than good ones. We cycled up under Pell and Spurrier, cycled down between Spurrier and Meyer. Had a good year or two in the Mullen years and now down again.

      It’s not all the different then other good SEC teams. Alabama has been on a ridiculous roll but that too will end.

      Winning a national championship every decade or two is pretty phenomenal. A lot of things have to right and many of them are out of UF’s control.

      Let’s just enjoy the games and the journey. If we are only happy when we have Percy Harvin, Brandon Spikes and Tim Tebow, we are going to be miserable lot, and some of us are miserable lot.

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