We’re going to see if Napier is different from Mullen

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    Dan Mullen not giving a damn enough to make obvious changes that needed to be made to his staff is one of the things that caused him to tank.

    We’re going to see if Billy Napier is any different.

    He hired 3-4 coaches who can’t recruit at this level.

    Bateman – linebacker
    Sale – offensive line
    Peagler – tight end

    None of them are pulling their weight in recruiting.

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    I read that Bateman isn’t making as good of an impression on the team and he could be one and done. I thought peagler would do a good job recruiting. It’s early and we don’t seem to be taking a tight end this class, if he lands a stud next year no harm no foul.

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    We’re going to see if Billy Napier is any different.…….well, Billy works his a$$ off doing whatever he can to make Gator football a better program. Mullen spent most of his time wakeboarding and at the beach. There is plenty of video/pic evidence out there to prove it!

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    Well, I’m a retired hs coach in NC. Bateman was involved in the Wakey Leaks scandal. Just research it. Even Beamer from SC was involved. I don’t know how any of these guys are still coaching, at all. Really kind of sad, IMO.

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    Wasn’t most fans happy that we got Bateman and thought he was a upgrade over Robinson?

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