We’re better off without recruits like Mcclain and Rashada

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      I’m not gonna sit here and pretend I didn’t really want Money McClain to be a Gator. The more I read about him and see how he handling stuff I think we’re better off without him.

      The same thing with Rashada.

      They chasing that check.

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      We’re a better team with them than without them.

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        I don’t know anything about McClain but Rashda that was crazy to even talk that type money for a HS kid whom is not even the best QB this NIL has ruined college athletics even more.

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          That’s not his fault.

          Would you say no to millions?

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      It seems as if someone in the collective or other group tried to write a check his ass couldn’t cash. Don’t blame the kid for that. The problem did not lie with him.

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      We’d be more talented with them on the team. Mcclain seems like he needs a disciplinarian for a coach right now. But I can’t imagine how I’d act with the world being given to me before 18 and famous in the sports world.

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      Ask A&M how signing a bunch of elite players that are just after the money works.

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