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      Mark Wheeler
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        The Final Destination.

        Checking in to the site today you’ve likely noticed some subtle changes.

        No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

        Depending on what type of device you are viewing the site on (I never knew how much different the site looks from Android to an iPhone until recently), you either see minor or major differences in the aesthetics of the site.

        As I posted way back when I moved from Rivals to F5, it’s been one hell of a journey.

        From beginning as a blog on Geocities 20 some years ago to running Gator Insider on Gator Country, to 14 years at Rivals to the last four years with F5 hosting Inside the Gators.


        Today marks the final destination of the journey that began all those years ago. Now, I’m a lone wolf out here on my own hosting my own site for the first time ever.

        As I said four years ago when we moved over, I believe F5 had the best look and feel available for sites such as mine. I still believe that today – which is why we modeled the new site after HailVarsity, which was also part of F5 before building its own site based on Word Press.

        I want to thank F5 for hosting us the last several years, as well as HailVarsity, for inspiring the new site.

        It was no simple task. When I first started talking to web designers each of them had a backlog of between six and nine months in order to be free to just take a look and give me some feedback and cost estimates.

        Who knew you could have a house built in less time than it took to build a website.

        That brings me to Reiter Designs. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication (as well as for putting up with my endless questions and input).

        The new site is going to be perfect!

        However, what you see today isn’t a finished product.

        We will be filling out the player roster and prospect database as we move forward, adding photos and more detail to each player page.

        And then as we get closer to the start of the football season we will be adding some interactive toys for our members to play with.

        I have been told that for the first couple of days, up to a week, there could be some issues while moving to the new server – something about rendering (I have no clue what the technical issues entail), but after that, for the most part, things should return to normal.

        Because of the way the old articles were transferred over, there will be some formatting issues, broken links, and missing photos from articles that were published before today.

        From this point forward though, all articles should be in the form we intend them to be in.

        If you experience any issues, please let me know, and thank you for your support of the site and for being part of this journey.

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        ITG Subscriber

          Experiencing issues. I followed the instructions, set up new password but site has no place to LOGIN. Only thing showing is Join the Mailing List. Help

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          ITG Subscriber

            Try link again to create new password but link said I am already logged in. When I try to read an article I receive the following message
            This content is for Monthly and Yearly members only.

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            Mark Wheeler
            Forum Owner

              Will you please email me: mwrivals@gmail.com

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              ITG Subscriber

                If you could change the text to Black that would be great.

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                Mark Wheeler
                Forum Owner

                  What text?

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                  ITG Subscriber

                    The text on the site. At least on my phone, all the text/fonts are light grey and very small. Hard to read. Is there a setting on my end?

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