Wearing the #1 must not mean anything anymore

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      I wish we would do like we were doing and save the #1 for a special player instead of giving it out to ones like Copeland last year and they posted on Instagram that Pearsall was getting it this year.

      A player should have to work for that number and be one of the best players in college football.

      They’re just giving it to anyone now.

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      Who would you have given it to?

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      Fun & Gun
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      If I can chime in here I wouldn’t give it to anyone. No one on this team has shown that they are worthy of it.

      It should have been put on a shelf until one of our players deserved it.

      Cox hasn’t lived up to being able to represent that number either.

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      How do we know that Napier gave it to him?

      Maybe the players get to pick out their own numbers and the coaches just let them do it.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Maybe Napier doesn’t put a premium on certain numbers like other coaches, and some fans, have?

      The No. 1 jersey may not have any more meaning than the No. 10 jersey.

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      Or it means they think Pearsall is going to be special this year.

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      It lost its meaning when they gave it to Copeland.

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      Gatlin Gator
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      Napier bragged about how hard Pearsall has been working. Because we don’t know about him doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it. He should be a good representitive of the number.

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      Steve L
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      if a player’s number is such a major concern then our concerns are greatly misplaced. Why should we even care? There’s way too many more important things to worry about.

Viewing 8 reply threads
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