We will be worse on defense next year

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      For all of you thinking that it’s the players that are the problem if we lose Cox, Dexter, Miller, Burney and Dean we ate going to be worse on defense next year without them.

      Who is on the team or who do we have committed who could step in and take over for them and be better?

      Wilson for Dean, but every other position would be a down grade.

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      Cormani can start. We have multiple D lineman that will get playing time. Napier has to hit the transfer portal hard. There’s no telling how many transfer out and in to be able to judge next years defense.
      Plenty of folks are saying it’s the players and not our D coordinator that are the issue, they might get the chance to prove that theory next year.

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      All of those guys will get a shot at the NFL except maybe Burney. Dean will probably be a starter in the NFL, maybe Dexter too.

      I guess that doesn’t speak well of “scheme” but I think Toney is a good one. I think he will be a good head coach before his career is over.

      Dexter might stay, right? NIL will help. He could also put up some better tape.

      I agree the transfer portal will play a big role. I hope it’s in our favor!

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      I bet you ate wrong

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      We will be better when we get younger players in there to take over for Burney, Dean and Torrence.

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