We dropped the damn ball on Rashada

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      This is going around. We couldn’t pay up what we promised.

      Nov. 10: Rashada and the Gator Collective agree to terms on an NIL deal exceeding $13 million with Rojas and Grosso reportedly signing the contract. Such a massive pledge is thought to dramatically exceed the Gator Collective’s fundraising level, so the deal presumes assistance from Hathcock or other Gator Guard donors. After signing the contract, Rashada decommits from Miami and flips to Florida.

      Dec. 7: Rojas sends a termination letter regarding the $13 million contract, according to a program source close to the situation. There are conflicting accounts about why the deal crumbled and who pledged to pay what. Multiple conversations ensue between donors and athletic department members, including Castro-Walker and Stricklin. Some within the administration are only now getting up to speed on what was promised — the program aiming to keep these third-party NIL dealings at arm’s length. Yet these conversations ultimately focus on finding contingencies for keeping the class’ highest-profile recruit in the fold.

      Jan. 11: A program source with knowledge of the entanglement says Rashada won’t be enrolling at Florida. “There’s a lot of panic. It’s like stepping on an ant pile.” There’s also the potential for litigation, hinging upon whether the November contract is binding. The collectives, according to another program source with knowledge of the situation, are offering a lesser deal to Rashada — still above seven figures — to stay at Florida, with the caveat that he release everyone from all previous claims.

      Why Florida Signee Jaden Rashada Is Caught In Limbo Over A Reported $13 Million NIL Deal

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Thank you for the link.

      That is crazy.

      I asked two different people, who would know, about the $13 million, and both declined to confirm it.

      I mean no disrespect to Jaden or the Rashada family, they have come off as incredible people in my dealings with them. Having said that, this entire shitshow deserves ridicule and scorn.

      No high school quarterback is worth that much. Hell, if you assume he stays three years, that is $4.3 million a year. Half the quarterbacks starting in the NFL don’t make that much in base salary.

      Geno Smith doesn’t make that much during what has been a career year for the Seahawks.

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      From the Swamp
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      This can’t be true because if you say anything negative about how things are going all the goodie goodies will tell you that the reason we don’t get the recruits Miami and Tex A&M want is because we do things the right way and don’t pay recruits like they do.

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        Mark Wheeler
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        Anyone who would believe that he left money on the table at Miami to come to Florida without knowing numbers (that UF outbid UM), would have to be as gullible as it gets.

        I don’t see a issue with that, because everyone is doing it to the point the NCAA can’t really do anything about it.

        My issue would be the stupidity of offering a high school kid that kind of money, and putting it in writing.

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      Josh pate has something up that talks about it. Money was allegedly “pledged” to cover this and when it came time to actually write the check it didn’t happen. That’s kind of wild.

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      If we have to pay 13 million to sign a damn high school kid you folks can have college football.

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      Something just doesn’t add up because there have been some who seem to be pretty reputable saying that the $13 million is completely false. So, where really is the truth.

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      It doesn’t matter now, the damage has been done. The story is all over the place and there’s no way to spin it to make us come out of this looking good.

      At worst we backed put of a contract and will be sued and our reputation smeared.

      At best we work things out with him but both side are still bitter about what took place and we still look bad.

      I would go our separate ways because this will be part of every broadcast while he is on the team starting or not.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Talk about a self-inflicted wound. Florida is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons on Fox News, the NY Post, and the Daily Mail (a UK outlet), all while Georgia is celebrating their second straight National Championship. If this isn’t it, the bottom is certainly close.

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      Maybe after watching him in the All-Star game they decided he wasn’t worth that much money.

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        The story said they pulled the contract before that. He didn’t seem like it was bothering him in the interviews that he was giving that week. He still sounded like he was all bought in to Florida.

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