We could have played tomorrow

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        The hurricane is in South Carolina right now and will probably be in Pennsylvania by noon on Saturday.

        Why didn’t they wait to delay the game to see what was going to happen?

        Going against the NFL on Sunday means that no one’s really gonna pay attention to our game.

        Have they put out how many tickets have been sold for this game?

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          Because arrangements had to be made. They did the right thing.

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            We’re playing eastern Washington, there weren’t going to be many eyes on it anyway.

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              A lot of factors go into the decision.

              Would the emergency personnel and first responders who work a game be available, how about all the people who work the games, what was their availability? Would they need local hotel rooms to house people evacuated from the area? Would the interstates be clogged up with people evacuating?

              All of that and more have to be considered.

              None of that was known when the decision to reschedule the game was made.

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                Im happy they didnt cancel the game.

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                    That was like the most non Gator football atmosphere ever.

                    It was like a spring game scrimmage.

                    They should just cancel it next time instead of playing on Sunday.

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