We can’t catch a break with UGA

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      We start off recruiting great. We are in the top 5 and we’re getting great players. It feels like we are going to turn it on and I see UGA got another recruit to join up with them today.

      We have 4 total commits and the #13 class.

      They have 4 commits in the top 33 and 7 in the top 75 and are ranked #1.

      The one thing we got going for us is we have a higher average but we can’t keep letting them out recruit us this bad.

      Are we going to be able to hold a 96 avg when we start getting more commits.


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      They’re 2 time defending national champions. We have to earn things on the field to prove we belong. I wish we could turn things around like urban did but for now it’s not realistic.

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      We need to be worried about Tennessee and Kentucky.

      I hate to say it but as long as Smart is at Georgia we’re not going to catch them.

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