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      Mark Wheeler
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        First off, I apologize.

        I know we have been a little slow content-wise as we work on buttoning up the new site build, which has been a bigger task, and has taken longer to come around than I originally anticipated.

        After this first phase is complete, we will be adding some other features throughout the fall, but those won’t (or learning from this experience, I should say ‘shouldn’t’) impact the everyday look and feel of the site.

        Having said that, over the next two weeks we should have some cool features coming up such as more Redshirt Reports, Counting Down the 22 starters from least to most important, another Behind the Scenes look at the offseason, some video breakdowns and we are trying to set up another offseason Departing Thoughts Q&A.

        We have the player, but we are trying to come together on a time that works for him.

        In the next 10 days everything should be finished up (including me actually learning how the admin and message boards work) and in place by Monday, August 1st.

        I appreciate your support and patience. I can see the finish line…

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        Steve L
        ITG Subscriber

          The new website format has been a damn nightmare for me. First It took me at least 6 attempts to get back logged on and be able to read insider articles. That was a pain in the butt.Then for some unknown nebulous reason I was blocked from replying to articles. then repeated attempts to establish my password/identity were another exercise in futility..
          Finally got that solved and more changes to come Please no more!

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          ITG Subscriber

            When does football start back up? FSU starts this weekend.

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            Mark Wheeler
            Forum Owner

              Steve L,

              I apologize for the inconvenience some members were faced with when we switched over. If you are on now, no matter what changes we make in the future, you should be set.

              Thank you for your support of the site!

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              Steve L
              ITG Subscriber

                Mark: Thank you I hope you’re correct. I do appreciate your responding to issues I’ve encountered.

            Viewing 4 reply threads
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