We all owe Mullen an apology

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      From the Swamp
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        Our entire fanbase was calling Mullen out last year for not playing Richardson.

        This year is proving that he knew what he was doing.

        Richardson might be a great athlete but he isn’t a quarterback.

        Mullen knew what he was doing.

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          Richardson in a smaller sample size looked much better passing the ball last season. Perhaps the Mullen offense suited him better or he has some sort of injury. He looked just fine against Utah.

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          Gatlin Gator
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            He looked fine running the ball agaisnt Utah. He didn’t do great passing it.

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              17/24 for 168. Completed 70% of his passes. Admittedly not many yards but he was accurate based on numbers. We’d all be thrilled if he was hitting 70% of his passes each game regardless of yards.

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                Someone posted the chart of his passes. He was accurate because he threw everything within 10 yards of the LOS.

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                  I don’t owe Mullen a thing. He quit on this team and left us very thin a several positions and no playmakers in the passing game.

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                    I figure Mullen owes us about $12 million

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