WCC: On Ricky Pearsall

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      Mark Wheeler
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      I was told by someone who saw Ricky Pearsall in person today that he isn’t in a boot or cast or anything.

      They said that they expect that he will be limited, but there’s nothing to indicate he will be out for a prolonged period of time.

      To be sure? This person is going off what he saw and the talk today, he hadn’t spoken with Pearsall himself.

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      Go Gators TJ
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      Our season shouldn’t come down to if he’s healthy or not.

      We have receivers who have been thru the SEC grind. They should be counted on more than a PAC 12 receiver.

      How many NFL corners has he seen playing out there?

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      He’s had 2 foot injuries in the last week. Was he prone to injury at Arizona state?

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      Gotta be the shoes 😂

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