WCC Insider: A note on housing for football players


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        Back in January I was told by a couple of visitors that the highlight of their Sunday official visit is that they were given a tour of their future apartments, The Standard, over off University and that very weekend Trevor Etienne posted a photo of him at the rooftop pool at The Standard.

        However, Thursday in Lakeland, when asked about it, Billy Napier said that they looked at a few possibilities, including the brand spanking new Stadium House, which will open for residents for the first time this fall and The Hub.

        I inquired about an incoming freshman and was told that he will be at the Stadium House in August.

        Whether it is The Standard, The Hub, or The Stadium House, they are both night and day better as compared to the Keys or Springs.

        Note: Another incoming freshman confirmed that they will be moving into the Stadium House.


        Update: I heard back from another signee that after they toured the Standard in January, they recently had a Zoom Conference with the coaches in which they were told that they picked the Stadium House over The Standard because even though the distance is about the same (though The Stadium House is a little closer), the individual bedrooms in The Stadium House are much bigger than the bedrooms in The Standard.

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