Wasn’t Sale supposed to be a upgrade over Hevesy

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        It’s like Hevesy never left.

        Sale makes more and has an assistant and still recruits on the same level as Hevesy.

        He’s even worse. Hevesy was at least getting some 4 stars.

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          We’re striking out a bit at this position but maybe we circle back on Simmons if norvell gets fired. Doesn’t matter how we get them, just need to get them.

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            I’m not ready to write him off yet but I thought with him coming over from the NFL that line prospects would be lining up to play for him.

            We’re getting our butt kicked.

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              Drop football. We can focus on basketball, track and field, and gymnastics. Stop wasting money at UF.

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              Steve L
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                Lizard–I hope that is a tone of sarcasm that I note in your post. However I have to admit I really love to watch basketball and gymnastics. Coach Holloway is a totally unbelievable coach in an under appreciated sport. Most fans don’t give a flip about track but Mouse has quietly added a bunch of SEC championships and NC’s to UF’s trophy cabinet. know football is the sport that is the sport that funds most of the other sports. Basketball may be able to pay its own way but the others can’t.
                All that to say this. Asuccessful football program is essential for an overall sports program but it’s tough to listen to read all the negativity about a coach who has been here for 7 months and hasn’t yet coached a game. By the way I’m not talking about you being negative. There are some guys that as soon as I see their name on the post I need to ready to read whining aand bitching.

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                  Steve L, I’m glad you can recognize sarcasm at its finest. As a true Gator, it pains me to have to read the constant negativity from some about CBN and staff. The coaches have yet to coach a game, the team has yet to play a game, and the two signing periods are months away. With NIL, etc fans should’ve seen the direction this would go. I believe the football staff are working hard to try and build the necessary relationships, as well as, repair relationships. It’s just going to take some time. Some of the other schools with new staffs, didn’t have previous staffs that basically ignored recruiting to an extent.

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                  From the Swamp
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                    What does coaching have to do with it? Fans aren’t happy that he’s not recruiting that great.

                    Are you saying that he is?

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