USA Today Network ranks the SEC head coaches

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    Mark Wheeler
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    From the USA Today Network.

    Ahead of SEC Media Days, they rank the SEC head football coaches.

    1) Saban
    2) Smart
    3) Fisher
    4) Kiffin
    5) Kelly
    6) Stoops
    7) Pittman
    8) Leach
    9) Heupel
    10) Napier
    11) Beamer
    12) Harsin
    13) Drinkwitz
    14) Lea

    If Florida wins nine or more games in 2022, Napier will be in the top five of this list next year at this time.

    If he doesn’t, he likely stays right around where he is now.

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    Rankings right now don’t mean jack squat. All of these coaches haven’t coached a single game for the 2022 season. Everyone’s record is 0-0 and there’s nothing to base these rankings off of. USA Today is like a lot of the media currently going on….just another idiots’ mouthpiece.

    ITG Subscriber writer has Napier ranked #9.

    We went from a top 3 coach who couldn’t recruit to a bottom five coach who hasn’t shown that he can recruit.

    9. Billy Napier, Florida: Napier enters his first season as an SEC head coach, but he’s not exactly a sideline novice. He turned Louisiana into a Group of 5 powerhouse, winning back-to-back Sun Belt Conference titles before heading to Gainesville. The Gators need a massive talent infusion, so this turnaround might not happen overnight.

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    Florida not only needs more talent depth-wise, but also more importantly needs a change in the culture.
    Lack of discipline hurt them last year in games they should have won, not to mention how some players quit on the team.

    Fun & Gun
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    Rankings don’t mean anything for Saban and Smart? They don’t deserve to be the top 2?

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    Don’t take what I wrote up there wrong. I think we have a top 5 SEC coach in Napier. I really think he is going to prove it this year. Is he on the same level as Saban or Smart is the question that has to be answered in the next 2 years.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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