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      It’s your turn.

      Thumbs Up:
      Thumps Down:
      Top Take:

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Thumbs Up: There were some bumps along the way, but overall Anthony Richardson played one of his better games of the year. You add in the 4-5 drops and he would have likely had a career day.

      Thumps Down: Everything else. Billy Napier didn’t have the team ready at all. This is on the staff.

      Top Take: The most discouraging thing if you are a Florida fan isn’t just losing to a Vanderbilt team with a losing record, it’s that after a game like this you can’t say it is a talent differential or wait until Napier gets his players. That was a piss poor outing, and it started at the very top.

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      All systems failure

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      Thumbs Up: Richardson throwing but give him a minus for not wanting to run
      Thumps Down: The penalties and not being able to run the ball
      Top Take: This miserable week is going to turn into a miserable Thanksgiving weekend when FSU beats us.

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      Top take-I’d like to see this offense with kitna running it next week.

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      Thumbs up:

      Thumbs down:

      Top Take: Only two AR runs, defense two steps back.

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