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      Mark Wheeler
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      It’s your turn.

      Thumbs Up:
      Thumps Down:
      Top Take:

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      Thumbs up- Jaydon Hill and the second half run game.
      Thumbs down-hate to say but passing game
      Take- there was a time I wondered if we should see kitna for a series or two. I like AR and want him to succeed but throwing for 66 yards in a power 5 football game is insanity.

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      ? The win
      ? Can’t get off field on third down consistently
      Top Take Jaydon Hill two interceptions.

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      Thumbs Up: Johnson and Etienne
      Thumps Down: Third down pass defense
      Top Take: We need to hire Collins to take over for Toney

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      From the Swamp
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      ? running the ball in the 2nd half and Hills 2 interceptions

      ? 3rd down defense and leaky defensive backs besides Hill

      Take – If our defense doesn’t get better we got 2 or 3 more losses coming.

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      Thumbs Up: Attitude. I love how this team plays and acts.
      Thumbs Down: Turnovers
      Take: Things are looking up for the Gators. Our biggest issue so far is devastating turnovers and poor decisions at QB. If not for that, our lack on depth at DL wouldn’t be as much of an issue. Our recruiting is improving and it will be good for us when these extra Covid years expire. For example, Mizzou starts 6 guys offense and 8 guys on defense who have been in school at least 4 years. It’s another old team

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