This will get us to the top 5

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      If we finish up with McClain, Johnson, Keeley and Baxter that will be enough for us to finish in the top 5 in Napier’s 1st full class.

      That puts him on the same level as Meyer and Muschamp as recruiters and way above Mullen and McElwain.

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      Dan the Man
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      How many of them do we get if we go 6-6 or 7-5?

      Keely saw Ohio State beat the Irish last week and saw us lose to Kentucky tonight.

      He can’t be that impressed with us.

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      Go Gators TJ
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      If we lose 4 or 5 or more games do we start losing some of the recruits committed to us is going to be something to worry about before we start thinking of the top 5.

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      Recruits don’t care about the record the first year because they see us as rebuilding.

      If we go 8-4 next year they might start caring.

      This year is a free pass.

      Get them in here and build it back up.

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      You are forgetting about Walker.

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      Going to be difficult ripping Keely from bama
      Baxter is all $$$ for texas

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