This isn’t Napier over Cristobal it’s Hathcock over Ruiz

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      You know how this went down when Hathcock tweeted about it yesterday.

      Our coaches didn’t beat Miami’s coaches.

      Our NIL guy Hathcock beat Miami’s NIL guy Ruiz.

      I don’t care about winning like this.

      Rashada will get his money and not care. He didn’t pick Florida over Miami, he picked X amount of dollars over X amount of dollars.

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      Or was it the other way? He wanted to come to UF originally but chose Miami for NIL. UF didn’t go away and eventually he knew his future would be brighter at UF even if his NIL isn’t as big

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      These kids are gonna to lay 50% income taxes on this money and at 18 I can guarantee I would have spent money on flashy stuff. The plan is still to go pro as that’s where the real money is.

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      I want to believe bluenorange’s version of the story. I don’t think we want mercenaries, especially after Colin’s comments about Cormani.

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        What was said about McClain?

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      Or could it be 90K in attendance vs 30K in attendance?

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      I admit I know nothing about this and I certainly have no idea what is on the mind on these 17/18 year old kids.
      But I would think that while NIL $ means something, it’s probably not the main attraction in choosing a school, especially with the top rated recruits.
      It seems to me that one of the things they tend to mention is the chance they would have to get to the NFL.
      All they have to do is see where the players from Alabama, Georgia, etc. end up being drafted.
      One would assume that potential long term NFL $ would beat out short term NIL $, but who knows.

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      Also, I think I read somewhere that some of the players actually have donated their NIL money to charities.

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      When Ruiz was tweeting and Miami was getting recruits I wanted us to step up and match them.

      We bought Rashada back off them I love getting talented recruits but it doesn’t feel as good getting them by buying them.

      Its better if our coaches out recruit their coaches.

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      Like it or not this is recruiting in the NIL era.

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      As long as we’re getting them why does it matter?

      Hathcock needs to go back and double whatever Ruiz paid Mcclain.

      Then make a bid on the 5 star OL from IMG.

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      I get impression Cormani McClain is no longer welcome in Gainesville regardless of the price.

      Somehow he managed to piss off the coaching staff and decent portion of the 2023 class.

      Kelby Collins is one of the leaders of the 2023 class and he tweeted something to that effect after the Miami announcement.

      At the very least Cormani misled a lot of folks. Maybe they felt he used them to get more $ from Miami?

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      As long as we’re playing by the rules and nothing our boosters do could come back to bite us or put us on probation I don’t care how we get the top players.

      Why can’t everyone just be happy we’re getting great players that are going to help us win.

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