This is where our recruits are ranked in Florida

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    It’s good to get some 4 stars but a lot of you are acting like we went out and beat Georgia or Alabama for recruits.

    We still don’t have anyone ranked in the top 30 recruits in the state.

    #33 Webb
    #35 Stokes
    #45 Wilson
    #46 Whittemore
    #51 Hill
    #63 Denson
    #72 Nixon
    #89 Harris
    #110 Lovett

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    Dude, just let it ride! Hopefully you’ll make some snide comment to CBN some day and he’ll put your light out like he did Dabo when he was the OC at Clemson. BTW, I had no clue that you were an expert evaluator/recruiter. Do you work for Kirby? Just curious as you sound just like a leghumping ahole Dawg.

    Dan the Man
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    If we get McClain he’s ranked at #1 in Florida and LeBlanc is in the top 10.

    From the Swamp
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    It isn’t over until we see what happens when the new football building opens.

    It doesn’t look good for us at linebacker, tight end or offensive line.

    We probably won’t get any of our top recruits at any of those 3 spots.

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    Don’t you think Webb is under rated? He is right behind Young and Baxter as the best running backs in the state. Shouldn’t that mean he is in the top 20?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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