This is what recruiting looks like

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        Georgia has an all SEC tight end on their roster and 2 other 5 star TE already.

        They signed one 4 star tight end last year. They have 2 four star tight ends committed this year.

        They got the #1 tight end for next year to commit to them today.

        We have 6 or 7 tight ends none of them are all SEC we didn’t sign any 4 stars last year and we don’t have any tight ends considering us now.

        One of us will keep winning the east and playing in the playoffs every year while the other will keep being a mid pack SEC east team.

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          Georgia being the defending national champion with an elite recruiter for a head coach, this should be expected. Sucks but it makes sense

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            Maybe we’ll just totally spread the field. That way, we won’t have to play any TEs at all. We could just operate from the ole “run and shoot.” Might make the games more interesting.

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