This doesn’t exactly put Richardson’s accuracy issues to rest


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      Mark Wheeler
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        Orlovsky is normally a ‘go to’ when it comes to quarterbacksl play, but to pick out one play to down play Richardson’s accuracy issues, doesn’t really help make the case.

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        ITG Subscriber

          Orlovsky will also troll at times. Every qb can make a great throw, doesn’t mean anything as you alluded to.

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            So now you are a qb guru?

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              From the Swamp
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                It takes a QB guru to know that AR isn’t that accurate?

                You can’t watch a game and see that for yourself? Go back and watch the FSU game and get back with me.

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                If he is trying to say Anthony Richardson was accurate how does he explain away his aweful completion %? Drops?

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                  He reminds me of Tebow. He trained 24/7 for weeks to throw at the combine and pro day but he reverted back to his long motion and holding the ball too low when he got under fire in a game.

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