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        I’m reading all of these stories on the recruits visiting and none of them are answering like they are amazed by our new football building.

        They have good things to say but it isn’t like any of the recruits are bragging about it being the best.

        How does it rank?

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          Well, I don’t know how one would judge these things, but I did see the 247Sports ranking recently.
          Florida ranks 19th in the country but 11th in the SEC.
          I didn’t read the whole article, but one thing I did notice, and something to keep in mind with how far behind Florida has been with the facilities, the new facility cost $85M dollars and Georgia has upgraded theirs with $80M.
          They rank Georgia 3rd in the country and 2nd in the SEC BTW.

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          Mark Wheeler
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            Georgia, Florida, and Auburn all opened new facilities near the same time frame. LSU, Alabama, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, etc… already had newer or upgraded top-of-the-line facilities.

            The Gators got an incredible upgrade, but this is a never-ending conveyer belt.

            Someone is always upping the ante.

            The first time those individual reclining chairs were part of each locker was something to behold. By the time they are included in the 10th new facility, they are still cool, but you are kind of used to it by now. The shock value of seeing it has worn off, but I guarantee you the players love the luxury of it all the same.

            A barbershop as part of Clemson’s new facility was something new. Now, it’s cool to have but it doesn’t quite get your attention.

            That means someone is going to have to do something to take it to the next level.

            I don’t know that I don’t see prospects getting excited about what Florida has, they do think the new facility is damn good. And without seeing the setup everywhere else, don’t discount UF now having everything in one place and much more room. That is a huge upgrade in itself.

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              You make some good points.
              I don’t know how prospects compare one facility to the next, and even if it matters to them – maybe to some it does.
              I read recently one prospect mentioned UF facility was nice, but he was more interested in the people inside the facility.
              I also don’t know what prospects say about other facilities.
              I just find it interesting how much money is invested into these buildings.
              Rather than a subjective rating, it would be nice to see a rating of money invested vs. what you get in return.

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              Cam Parker
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                Talking to a few of the parents, both in previous classes and a couple in this class, they were blown away by the upgrades with some saying that the previous facilities were a direct reason why Florida was falling behind in recruitment in the past.

                However, as Mark said, it’s a never-ending conveyer belt. Upgrades will continue to happen, and Florida needs to find a way to keep up with upgrades rather than fall behind like they did before.

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                  You’re not going to hear recruits say our facilities are the best because they’re not the best. Did you actually think they were ? Top 20.

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                      I’m not trying to say that they’re not really nice or that the recruits don’t really like them.

                      Before it was built all the recruiting writers and radio hosts and fans were saying that our facilities were behind.

                      I guess I thought when we got it the recruits would gush over them more. They would think it’s the most amazing football building they’ve been to.

                      In all these stories when they are asked about the new building the replies seem plain to me.

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                        Read the story on the top of the front page and that guy that was just offered sounds like he’s high on our football facility.

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                          Everything I read the visiting recruits love it and we have one of the best football facilites in college football.

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                              We’re right there with the Alabamas and Georgia’s where we need to be.

                              The facilities are equal so now its up to the coaches to do their jobs.

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                              You know we have miserable fans when they find a reason to complain about our new 90 million dollar football facility. It is at worst in the top 5 and might be #1 overall.

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