The Great, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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      As we do after each game, it’s your turn:

      The Great:
      The Good:
      The Bad:
      The Ugly:

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      Not a dag on thing compared to last year all good and great all yall Napier haters looking real stupid

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      The Great: AR
      The Good: 1-0 start and we’re going to be ranked next week
      The Bad: Fumbles from the RB
      The Ugly: Defense in the second half until the INT

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      The Great: AR, O Line
      The Good: LB run play
      The Bad: LB Tight end coverage
      The Ugly: Run defense second half

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      Great win, Good offense, Bad defense, Ugly flight home for Utah

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      Great AR
      Good rb and wr
      Skipping to ugly-second half defense

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      The Great: Miller & AR – team leaders
      The Good: ETN James Moore Wilson. These freshmen are for real
      The Bad: our WR play
      The Ugly: 2nd half adjustments on defense – other than Burney making up for getting roasted in pass coverage all game.

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      The great: Richardson The Great: The Crowd The Great The Offense The Great the fight in the Defense The Great Napier’s clock management The ugly The silence from the Napier haters. Go Gators!

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      The Great: AR

      The Good: Running game. Etienne is going to be special.

      The Bad: Nothing here for me. We played another 7 team in the country. I would expect a team that is a run oriented team to run the ball well especially in the second half when the defense is getting tired. I’m just thankful they didn’t run it in the first time.

      The Ugly: two holding penalties on kickoff returns. There’s absolutely no reason to hold on a kickoff return.

Viewing 8 reply threads
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