The core is solid for next year’s team

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        Kugel, Reeves, and maybe Szymczyk give us a good starting point for next year.

        If that’s our core and we can add 1-2 shooters and some size inside we can get back in the field of 64.

        We have to move on from Jitoboh. Someone that tall needs to be able to get rebounds and defend better than he does.

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          Reeves I thought would be much better this year. Kugel is going to be a star and I’m excited about symzczyk. But he needs to be more of a power forward as he can’t guard the center very well. Agree on shooters but need the instant impact center and a strong backup. Jitoboh just seems a step slow in moving his feet which keeps him out of position defensively

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              Best basketball post I’ve seen.

              We have maybe two players who would be in the rotation on a really good team.

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              You can’t say what the core is or if we are going to be better or worse.

              What happens if we sign 1-2-3 players from the portal who are NBA prospects?

              You never know. We could turn this around in one year.

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                While that isn’t impossible it is highly unlikely that two much less three NBA caliber players transfer in. I’ll be shocked with one.

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                  Add Richard to that core.

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                    And take Szymczyk out.

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