The coaches should play Kitna this week

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      I hate to read the answer from Anthony Richardson today saying that on tape he saw some plays where he should have kept the ball and run it and he could have backpeddled into the endzone.

      He is a great athlete but he doesn’t have the instincts to play quarterback.

      If he did we would be 8-3 or 9-2 right now.

      If the coaches see that he isn’t running the ball on Friday night pull him for a series or two and let Kitna play. If Richardson isn’t running he isn’t special and I think he doesn’t want to run because he wants to stay healthy for the NFL draft.

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      I would like to see kitna get a few series. I like AR but he stalls out drives a lot and maybe him seeing someone else play a bit would light a fire under him.

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      One thing that made spurrier a great coach and QB coach in particular is he coached QBs the same as any other position; if after a couple of series he would yank them in a heartbeat. He did even with Danny Weurful. Running the football is the only thing that makes Richardson special. If he’s not willing, put someone in who is.

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      insert eye roll

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