The coaches are killing it on defense but not on offense

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        The top five ranked recruits we have committed are on defense. The lowest four are on offense.

        All 5 of our commits on defense are 4 stars. We only have one 4 star on offense.

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          That’s because we don’t have a quarterback. If we would have got Rashada you would have seen offensive recruits start committing to us.

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            Malachi Singleton me. Much better QB than Rashada who has a much higher completion % and can run the ball like AR just a tad smaller. He plays 8A football in Georgia and ain’t no joke. He’s also the cousin of White Boy Whitt and Creed. He also finished in the top ten at the Elite 11. Rashada did not. Believe that JR is quite overrated. We didn’t need the drama of him and his daddy. Let Mario deal with all that and his crowded QB room.

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              I don’t know why offensive linemen aren’t lining up to play for Sale considering he coached in the NFL last year.

              I thought Juluke was a better recruiter. Didn’t he sign Fornette at LSU?

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                Could be any reason. Don’t think we were getting Young and Baxter as they look like they want to leave the state. We have four-five solid backs now and other recruits may be just looking to hit the field now. Who knows, the staff may be thinking the portal or waiting to pickup a couple of solid backs in 2024 depending on how long the others stay at UF. The way things are, with NIL, might be a better option for some to wait for that 1-2 round grade before leaving the room.

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                  From what I can tell, it almost seems to me the staff is prioritizing the O and D line.
                  My impression is also that talent matters more on the D line than O line, but I am no expert on this.
                  Also, the defense was atrocious for the past three years, and I know that with Grantham gone now, that is an automatic improvement.
                  Still, I think the defense needed more help than the offense – again, just my uninformed opinions.

                  I don’t know why offensive linemen aren’t lining up to play for Sale considering he coached in the NFL last year.

                  Again, and I’ve said this before, the key word here is “last year”.
                  Relationships with recruits take time to develop, and hopefully some are being formed with undergraduate recruits with the camps this summer.

                  Didn’t he sign Fornette at LSU?

                  Again, he was with Napier last year and probably not recruiting against LSU, Alabama, Georia.
                  Let’s see how the staff does the next two years – I am guessing the recruiting improves.

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