That was a terrible loss


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      Mark Wheeler
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      Being without Colin Castleton, losing to Arkansas and Kentucky was all but expected. I thought the team put up a hell of a fight, but the talent discrepancy was evident.

      However, getting run out of the gym by Vanderbilt, the No. 91 team in NET Rankings, is unacceptable.

      I’m still on the Todd Golden bandwagon, but never being in that game at all is indefensible.

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      I think I undervalued Colin all year. It’s clear he was not only the most important player on our team but also showed a huge recruiting error by golden not landing a better backup big. Goldens teams play smart and I think he will do well here but he needs to land some great players this class.
      We lost at home with Colin to vandy a few weeks ago, what made you think we had a shot today without him?

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      Mark Wheeler
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      I don’t expect to win any games, not even Georgia to be honest, but I didn’t expect Florida to be run out of the gym.

      I expected them to at least be competitive.

      That game was never really in doubt.

      I didn’t expect that.

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      We haven’t had a good shooting team for years. Coaching can coach you up but they can’t shoot the ball for you.

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      He has to add more talent than it appears he is going to based on recruiting. Transfers are fine but we got lucky with Castleton. He didn’t become a top tier player until after he transferred into UF. Not sure we are going to pull in the kind of talent we meed in transfers.

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