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      If we’re not going to get Rashada or Howard we should go back and give Stokes another chance.

      He was just saying the lyrics to a song.

      He’s paid his price and deserves another chance and we need a quarterback.

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      Couldn’t agree any more. GoGators!!!!!!!

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      Steve L
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      I think we’d look like desperate fools if we tried to get Stokes back. Plus if I was him it would be tempting to tell the coaches to stuff it.

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      I don’t have anything major to be critical of Napier, so far, but how Florida recruited Stokes is an exception.
      He wanted an offer from UF real bad, but didn’t get one, so he commits to Penn State.
      Then Rashada commits to Miami, and UF offers Stokes, after which he flipped immediately.
      Rashada flips to UF, and Stokes de-commits.
      I could never figure the logic in all this and in the end, Florida should have stuck with Stokes, not just for the short term, but also long term recruiting in the Jacksonville area.

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        You are leaving out what Stokes said in the video.

        You can really question if that would have been enough to drop him if we didn’t have Rashada at that time.

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      From the Swamp
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      Kearney was on Instagram saying the same word last week.

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      Steve L
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      If frogs had wings they could fly. All this insight and woulda, shoulda, coulda is nothing more than conjecture and fodder for posters. Stokes is probably a good kid and will eventually be a decent QB but not in the SEC. If the lad had come to UF the odds or likelihood of him ever starting were low at best. I sincerely wish the very best for him. He made a mistake that cost him a shot at UF. I would not have dropped the offer but Napier would have been crucified if he hadn’t. That’s the unfortunate politically correct world we live in. Had he been a 5 star QB he might have survived the screwup.

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      No, please.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      If a HBCU is willing to take him after what he said it shows that we overracted. His teammates in his class didn’t think he was a racist he made a poor choice of words.

      We need to see if he wants back in before he signs there.

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