Strickland must go.

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        He has taken what was the premier athletics program in the SEC to what is now middle of the pack. Baseball, softball and gymnastics are still top tier programs but those coaches have been in place. Strickland is horrid.

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          Amen to that!

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            We also lost millions last year.

            That will get an AD in trouble more than losing records.

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              His hires have been Mullen, Golden and Finley and I don’t know if he hired Newbauer but he messed up the way he handled him.

              If football and basketball don’t turn around our new president will probably have to hire a new AD.

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                The soccer coach he hires only lasted a year.

                We lost money last year mainly because of buying out failed coaches.


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                  I hate to say it. I am not generally a fire so and so guy. But, Strickland has either made bad choices, managed badly or been very unlucky. Regardless, its on his watch and we seem to be getting lapped by the much more aggressive ADs at Tennessee and Miami, and LSU, for example.

                  I would not be opposed to the new president going after his own AD. Hard to believe it would be worse.

                  I really like Napier’s approach with the players but hiring him was a huge risk to take and probably unnecessary. I would think Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, Kirby Smart and all of our rivals breathed a sigh of relief when Napier’s hire was announced. If we could have had Brian Kelly, I don’t think there is much of a comparison between the two. Especially if Billy thinks he can walk into a big time job in the SEC with all that’s required and think he has enough free time to really get into calling plays.

                  Golden might be good but his highest level was San Francisco. Huge risk hire as well and, unfortunately for Strickland, not working out well so far.

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                    Regardless, its on his watch and we seem to be getting lapped by the much more aggressive ADs at Tennessee and Miami, and LSU, for example.

                    How do you judge “getting lapped” by an AD?
                    Last year, Florida’s women’s sports took first place in the USAToday’s SEC All-sports trophy.
                    Florida men took second and were barely edged by Tennessee for the SEC overall trophy.
                    In the NACDA Director’s Cup, Florida placed fifth last year, highest in the SEC, and behind Texas, Stanford, Michigan, Ohio State.
                    For the 2021-2022 academic year, Florida athletic program GSR was 94%, second to Vanderbilt 97%.
                    One of the main reasons Strickland was hired was to oversee facilities upgrades, and off the top of my head, that has included new football facility, new baseball and softball stadiums, O’Connell Center renovation, etc.
                    Try to convince a University president to fire someone based on those statistics.

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                        We aren’t good in the 2 sports that matter the most.

                        Fans like to play up that everything school but are a nothing school if we don’t have a football team to bring in the big money it takes to compete in these other sports not a lot of people care about except to brag about their wins.

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                        Stricklin’s performance has not yet translated to football or basketball success yet, which is important. It’s a matter of how much patience and faith we have in him. Foley was able to hold onto job through some lean years and bad/unlucky decisions too but there is a change at the top and we’ll see how the new President sees it.

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                          The area where Strickland has failed is hires. The basketball team is horrid without Castleton so unless Golden figures out a way to infuse a lot of talent into this roster the record next year will be even worse. I don’t see Golden bringing in elite recruits. I hope I’m wrong. Strickland desperately needs Napier to turn the football program around quickly.

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                            The woman’s basketball coach he hired to replace the coach he should have fired for treatment of players isn’t doing all that good this year after she was great last year.

                            Who does he have to brag about hiring?

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                              You could argue he could have bragged about hiring Mullen but he didn’t manage him well when he started going off the rails. Maybe he couldn’t be managed but either way it falls on Strickland’s watch.

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