Stokes Addresses Loss of Scholarship

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      Chris Will
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      Cam Parker
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      Roderick Kearney reacts:

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      Mark Wheeler
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      That seems so extreme. I wonder if the staff went to the other prospects in his class, and asked them how they feel about Stokes and what he did? Did they go to current players on the team and ask for feedback from them?

      I am in no way, shape or form an authority on race relations or someone who would try to tell someone else what they should or shouldn’t find offensive.

      However, for a little background.

      I am from Jacksonville. For a little over 10 years I lived in a subdivision off Blanding Blvd. While living there I would go to a pool hall on 103rd street. There was a mix of younger people in there, black and white. The black kids (I say kids, they were likely in the 18-23-year-old range) called the other black kids that word, they called the white kids that word. The white kids called the other white kids that word, they called the other black kids that word.

      I promise you, in their group, no one took offense to it. They were all friends.

      If Stokes went on some racist rant – I can see this type of reaction. To say the word while singing along to a song, seems like two entirely different scenarios.

      This feels like overkill.

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      I look at it like we can make a better play for Lagway without 2 quarterbacks in this class.

      You take that and that he didn’t have a good season and it’s not a bad thing for us.

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      Mark Wheeler
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