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      Not a personal dig at Mark, but hope with the season one game from completion, hope our site gets a quality upgrade. Have faith in you Mark. Go Gators!!!

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      I appreciate your support of the site and I don’t take it at all personally. I have been super disappointed with the site. Other than the front page setup and display, I’m not happy with any of it. To make matters worse, as soon as I made my last payment to the developer, he went ghost on me before turning the site over.

      Meaning, other than posting an article, I had/have no idea how to do anything.

      A couple of weeks later I was contacted by a third party telling me that the site developer took an IT job and was no longer developing or maintaining sites, so he handed his clients over to him.

      The new tech person, who is hosting my site, is more attune with SEO rather than site-building.

      From the size and look of the font, to customer service, to handling memberships, to the set up of the forum, etc… it has been a disaster. This isn’t an exaggeration, I have had 20 times more issues and complaints in five months of this new setup than I have had in 20 years combined before this year.

      Even those who have issues have a hard time getting in touch with me because the old developer set me up somehow that I receive dozens and dozens of spam emails each day mixed in with legitimate correspondence. That is actually an improvement. I was getting 100 a day in the beginning.

      Because I had to spend so much time on everything else, I wasn’t able to do some of the content I wanted to do throughout the season and leading up to the end of the recruiting cycle.

      That isn’t me making excuses, I hired the guy, it’s on me.

      I do apologize and I am grateful for each and every one of you. We will have the same content we have always had, and we will get the layout fixed.

      I couldn’t do anything during football season, but we are going to be going over everything starting in a week or so and nothing is off the table as far as even going with a complete rebuild.

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      Thanks for your reply. Waiting patiently for the progress you hope for on this site.

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