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      Mark- I didn’t know how to directly message you so I figured I’d create this. The prior site had an alert built in that showed when responses to the thread we commented on had new comments. Does this site have that and I’m missing it? Also, when replies happen it doesn’t go to the bottom of the conversation so it seems like folks might be missing replies. I like the interactions of the message board so trying to keep conversations going! Love the content on the site!

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      I don’t want this to roll off the front page without comment. I do see this, and there are MULTIPLE issues with the new site that we will be addressing after the season.

      I will make a longer comment on this when I hopefully get a better feel for the plans ahead.

      At this point all I can do is apologize, and for those who have communicated with me via email, I know that sounds like a broken record.

      When I went looking for someone to build my site, I went the cheap route, and you get what you pay for. I love the front page setup, and that’s about the extent of my satisfaction with the new site. The forum – both in font and in style – is an absolute mess. That is one thing where I told him I don’t want to go cheap. I will buy a forum if I need to. I was assured this was good, and of course it isn’t. You couldn’t directly reply to posts, you couldn’t upload images, like posts (or it would mess up linking them to the front page).

      The same with the font on the articles, no commenting on articles, etc…

      It is a disappointment to say the least and has cost me customers and money.

      On top of all that, upon getting my final payment, before handing the site over to me and showing me how to operate it other than putting up articles, after contacting him several times with no reply, a couple of weeks later I was contacted by a third party telling me the guy who built my site was no longer in business and he was taking over his customers.

      Again, that is 110% on me. I choose the person who did the design.

      I messed up.

      Instead of going for the best deal, I should have done a better job doing my homework.

      We will get it fixed though. We can’t make major changes during a football season. However, in the months afterward, we will work on the site.

      I like the look and feel of the front page – everything else is up for discussion.

      I appreciate your support of the site – that goes for the rest of you as well!

      Changes are coming, even some small ones soon (I hope), but major changes will take a few months.

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      That sucks. I didn’t know if there was a setting I didn’t have done correctly on my phone. Thanks for the response.

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