Should they stay or should they go

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      NFL Draft Analyst Ryan Roberts shares his thoughts on multiple Florida draft prospects, including on if he would advise players such as Anthony Richardson, Ethan White and Richard Gouraige to say or go pro.

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      Richardson needs to come back and put it all together as a passer for a full season.

      I hope that us kicking Cox off and costing him money doesn’t come back to bite us in recruiting.

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        If he is already predicted to be in the top 10 picks how much could he help himself by coming back? Think of the money he is losing and what if he gets hurt?

        If he is going in the 1st round he needs to go.

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      If Richardson has a few monster games at the end of the season someone could easily fall in love with his ability as a prospect.
      Wasn’t cox kicked off the Georgia team as well? Seems most recruits would see that and think dang, he must’ve really screwed up

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      It’s good for our program to have him go in the first round. It makes us more attractive for other quarterback recruits to commit to us.

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      The last mock draft has AR going to Detroit with the 5th pick.

      If the NFL thinks that much of him he is going.

      That is 50 million dollars. He can’t pass that up and risk getting hurt or dropping.

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        That’s good publicity for us.

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        The Lions GM that drafts him in the first round will be out of a job within two years.

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