Share your 3-to-5 step plan to turn Florida into a CFP contender in 2024


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      Mark Wheeler
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      Now that the path has been cleared for the CFP to expand to 12 teams in 2024, what is your 3-to-5 step plan to make Florida a CFP contender in 2024?

      Realistically (don’t say sign 20 five-stars), what can the Gators do this off season and next season to position themselves for a playoff spot in 2024?

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      Gator Thriller
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      1) We were 1 score from winning a couple of more games but we were 1 score from losing a couple of others. We need to get more playmakers at WR and CB. A WR taking a short pass for a TD or a CB ending a drive with a INT would give us more breathing room.

      2) Coach Napier needs to do a better job getting the team up to play each week. We look sluggish sometimes.

      3) We have to get a quarterback from the portal to get us to 24 when Rashada or Lagway can take over.

      4) Coach has to think of giving up being either OC or QB coach. He is spread too thin. Give some responsibliy to someone else.

      5) If the defense doesn’t improve across the board bring in a SEC ready DC to take over for Toney.

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      He already appears to be doing the first step; remaking the roster. Saban went 6-6 his first year at Bama and even lost to La Monroe and responded by getting rid of about 50 percent of the roster. Give Napier time.

      Bring in a QB to challenge/replace Richardson. Richardson has ALL-WORLD physical skills but we all know that physical is only part of the equation for winning QB play. It will take guts to replace someone with his physical skills. Remember when it comes to coaching QBs, WWSD; what would Spurrier do?

      Recruit the hell out of the Portal and HS.

      Now with all this said, if we don’t finish at least 2nd in the East next year, we might be in trouble.

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      1. Elite portal qb
      2. 4 impact defensive transfers (true linebacker, DLx2, db
      3. Pass catching portal tight end
      4. Hire elite defensive mind to be an analyst for a year but can take over for toney if he isn’t getting the job done.

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      Go Gators TJ
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      If we get an elite QB this year and he only has one year that won’t help us get ready for when the playoffs go to 12 teams in 2024. It might be better if we give Rashada a year of experience next year because we aren’t going to challenge for the top 4 anyway.

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      I don’t want to hand anyone the starting job. If rashada is as good as we hope he needs to beat out someone legit to earn the job as a freshman.

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      From the Swamp
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      We need to be worried about getting in the top 25 before we think about getting the playoffs.

      I don’t think there’s 4 or 5 things that will get us there. We need to get better players and have our coaches do a better job all around.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Yes, 2024. This isn’t fixable for next year.

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